Ien welding-art

Ien Sluyters (1973)

After some wandering, I started sculpting at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2010.
A classic academy, with an emphasis on methods and techniques to work from observation.

To read the people I sculpt. Come to intriguing figures and portraits on which everyone can project his emotions, obsessions, fascinations and memories.
Imagine the unspeakable. Anxiety, melancholy and other human emotions we can experience it but have no clear 'face'. I try to give meaning to such concepts.

Since early 2012 I’m working with Marjon Deul.  Because she is my good friend, we can work closely togehether easily in Mainkunstenaars and we have a full studio together. This includes space for our own process and also our desire to experiment.

My website is primarily a place where I show my process.

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